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Happy Purim’s Mishloach Software

HappyPurim.com is the easiest to use and most comprehensive program available for managing a mishloach manot fundraiser.
Our software works with the novice all the way up to expert computer users.

Why HappyPurim.com?

Why risk this important project with anyone but the best? Don’t take our word for it, click here to read what HappyPurim.com users say about our service, or
click here to contact us for a demo, and decide for yourself. For many of the organizations we work with, their
Purim projects are the most profitable fundraisers of the year.
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Does your school or synagogue already run a mishloach manot fundraiser? Let HappyPurim.com help you go online, save you a tremendous amount of time, reduce costs, AND raise more money than ever before.

Is your organization considering a mishloach manot fundraiser for the first time? Let us share our years of experience helping manage Purim fundraisers for Jewish organizations worldwide with you. We’re happy to help you with more than just the software, and provide you with tips on pricing, marketing, basket supplies, and much more.

HappyPurim.com is the easiest to use and most comprehensive program available for managing a mishloach manot fundraiser. Whether you are a computer novice or the next software prodigy, we’re confident HappyPurim.com will exceed your expectations.


Accept Online Orders & Paper Order Forms

Accept Online Orders AND Paper Order Forms

Sell Baskets/Cards for Personal Use

Allow your members to purchase extra baskets/cards to distribute on their own.

Flexible Order Entry

Administrators and Volunteers can enter orders by Name, Member ID Numbers or Using Handheld Bar Code Scanners (for very large lists).


A unique catch-all feature that will automatically trigger a reciprocal greeting be sent to a person that sends to you, whom you did not send to in your initial order. Charges can be automatically applied to the original form of payment! Accept and charge credit cards at the time an order is placed
-no need to bill your members!

Offer to Ship Baskets/Cards to Non-Members

Offer to Ship Baskets / Cards to Non-Members
– Allow your members to send to people not in your database.

Unlimited Administrative Access!

Create as many administrators as you need. All can access the systems simultaneously!

Flexible Payment Options

- Your own Merchant Services Account
- Happy Purim Credit Card Processing
- Paypal
- Google Checkout
- Checks and Cash

Offer any type of item for sale

Offer any item you wish! For example, you could sell Purim carnival tickets, megillah’s
or graggers.

Email Engine

Easily send targeted and personalized emails to your members through our email servers.

“Matanot L’evyonim” Option

Collect additional funds from members for
any purpose. Allow your members to contribute to any charity you choose, pay membership dues, or simply contribute towards this fundraiser.

New Features Every Year

Every year since 2003 we have added new features based upon the request of our clients.


Store your pre-defined delivery routes so you
can sort and print by route order.
Ask us about our new Route Planner service!

Supports Multiple Membership Categories

Divide your list into as many categories as you’d like, such as Teachers, Staff, Members, Alumni, etc.

Professional & Courteous Customer Support

Full time phone and email support. Read our glowing testimonials and ask us for references.

Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

Choose from a long list of standard reports or create your own!

Flexible Pricing Options

Create your own pricing. Buy 5 get 1 free, tiered pricing, group pricing, it’s all up to you! There may be a one-time programming charge only for very complex pricing.

Security You Can Count On

We use up to 256-bit encryption to ensure the security of information submitted on our website. Information on our servers is stored securely behind our enterprise-class firewalls.

Create Questions/Polls for your Members

Such as, “Would you like to help pack/deliver baskets”, or, “Would you like to donate your basket to charity.”


Want to change something?
Is your fundraiser run differently? Ask us about customizing your account!

A Privacy Policy You Will Love

Your membership data belongs to you, not us. HappyPurim will not share or sell it. Period.

We look forward to serving you.

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